We make parking more fair and less stressful
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We’re a team of thinkers, designers, engineers, problem-solvers, and helpers. We work every day to make our products better while treating each other and our customers with respect, honesty, and grace.

Meet Our Team

Martanna Broom
Marketing Specialist - Content Writer
Kylee Christensen
Operations Manager
Kelsey Dean
Customer Success Manager
Kimmy Donato
Customer Success Manager
Joel DuChesne
Leah Griffiths
Design & Marketing Manager
Zach Hammond
Director of Sales - West Coast
Jeanne Klein
Director of Sales - East Coast
Angela Lira
Assistant Operations Manager
Nathan Northy
Director of Sales - Condo & HOA
Marques Oliver
Director of Enforcement
Keith Spencer
Production Designer
Jennifer Staplin
Director of Accounts

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