Marques Oliver

Director of Enforcement


Marques acts as a liaison for enforcement companies to ensure customers are getting the most out of Parking Boss. If a customer is in need of an enforcement team, Marques can help locate reliable teams to work with. Marques also helps drive business development and strategy.

Prior to joining Parking Boss, Marques, an Army combat veteran, owned a patrol company in San Diego. During his 15 years of managing and operating private patrol teams, he recognized how difficult and messy enforcement was.

To him, finding Parking Boss was like finding the ‘holy grail’ for enforcement companies. He knew it was a game changer and wanted to be a part of it. Marques truly believes in the system and believes it has a big future.

Best thing about my job:

I like being a part of a free thinking, capable innovative team. Although “parking” isn’t a sexy sell, we do solve a problem that affects almost everyone, and do it well!

These are a few of my favorite things:
  • Best movie/show ever: Back to the Future: 2, 1, and 3 (in that order)
  • My favorite food/place to eat: My dining room
  • I love to visit: Can’t say, its a big planet!
  • I root for: Baltimore Ravens and the underdogs of (insert) sport
  • Best concert attended: Jay-Z & Beyoncé “On the Run Tour” Rose Bowl
  • Favorite TV show as kid: Bill Nye (the science guy) and/or American Gladiators (the tennis ball gun was pure epicness!)
  • I’d like to meet (living or dead): My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great paternal grandfather
  • Four-legged friend: TBD
  • When not working, I enjoy: Not working
  • Favorit Giphy: Bowl-master...