Zach Hammond

Director of Sales - West Coast


Zach is the face of Parking Boss in California. Before immersing himself in the world of multifamily housing, Zach worked in the radio industry for eight years. Wanting a change, he became a leasing agent before moving to positions on the supplier side of housing.

Zach came on board with Parking Boss in April of 2019. He enjoys having a position where he can regularly meet and talk with new people. His love for people plays a big role in his ability to effectively communicate with communities who are looking into Parking Boss. Being able to take the burden of nightmarish parking off of community managers is a huge motivator.

Best thing about my job:

The people. Property Managers work closely with the entire spectrum of people from around the globe, so I get to talk every day with people that have endless stories and interesting ideas. And the people at Parking Boss too--it’s a dream team.

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Best movie/show ever: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
  • My favorite food: Peanut Butter
  • I love to visit: A cabin in the woods near Conconully, WA
  • I root for: Fantasy A, a rapper with autism. He’s so motivating--nobody’s got more Hustle!
  • Best concert attended: Sasquatch Festival 2005. Saw lots of great acts, but when the Kanye crowd cleared out, that left us right in front for Modest Mouse and then Pixies. These were my college radio days and I was in heaven
  • Favorite TV show as kid: Peewee’s Play House
  • I’d like to meet (living or dead): Kanye West
  • Four-legged friend: All of them!
  • When not working, I enjoy: Juggling, getting creative, and outdoor activities with my family
  • Favorite Giphy: “Shock the monkey”...